AMPLIFY 1:1 Mentorship package

AMPLIFY is a one month Akashic Record investigation & healing experience that teaches you how to discover and reclaim your Soul's unique voice and vibe, so that you can monetise it effectively in your business.

If you're here, it's clear that you're ready to take your Soul's mission to new heights, be authentically and unapologetically self expressed in your life and work and make a greater impact and income doing it.

So, over the course of a moon cycle, myself and your Spirit Guides will teach you how you are designed to manifest based on your Soul' identity, assets and manifesting blueprint.


Your Amplify experience involves...


I will share an Akashic Record perspective of your Soul's origins and what primarily constitutes your Soul's vibrational essence. This is how you are uniquely designed to have an impact in the world and by being true to your Soul's voice and message you'll be able to experience the fullest embodiment of your Divine nature. Even if you may struggle to remember or embrace your soul's voice and vibe, it's important to start noticing how you ARE currently expressing yourself, so as to further bring light these glorious aspects of self that still remain unexpressed or denied.


Discover what is causing you to be stuck in low vibrational states that have you running circles. The choices that you have made against your Divinity in the past (including past lives), act as receptors for inner and outer conflict. Once these obstacles are identified and cleared at soul-level, you will experience a major shift in consciousness and your potential for becoming more embodied with your true Divine nature will amplify tenfold.


Discover your Soul's Manifesting Blueprint and how to use this as your fool-proof navigational map for aligning to the energy of abundance and harmony in your life and business. When you are emanating your Soul's natural voice and vibe you are able to manifest effectively and quickly. So rather than following the normal and expected path to success (or mediocrity for that matter), you'll be doing this on your your way!


Discover who you have on your Cosmic Crew and learn how they support you in walking the path of your Soul's highest path and potential. They all provide you with a multitude of Divine resources and tools and together you make a powerful collaboration for co-creating great things in your life and the work you do.


During the course of this program we will uncover and dissolve many unseen roadblocks and open up many possibilities for your growth and expansion. I truly believe that you have everything within you to powerfully and consciously create your high vibe reality in life and biz.

The insights you are about to gather about yourself and your world will expand and so too will your sense of knowing. When you 'know' more, your personal power strengthens. So, remember that with that increased power, comes more responsibility. Responsibility to self and to act in accordance with Divine Truth, Light and Love.

I'll be honest with you and say right up front that the process won't be easy at times (far from it), so it is important that you hold strong to your intentions and find courage to take the action required to express and embody your truth and all that it means for you.

I am 100% committed to my role as your psychic mentor and guide. With both of us taking full responsibility for ourselves and the parts that we play, I guarantee magic will transpire! 

When you raise your hand to say 'Yes' to Amplify, please realise that you will be entering into a creative and collaborative process which will both test and liberate you.

Be willing to learn about your Self in a profound way and come to accept that you are your own creative manifesting guru in life + biz.

So - if you're ready to discover and reclaim your Soul's unique voice and vibe so that you can effectively monetise it in your business - raise your hand to Amplify!

The specifics of what Amplify includes...

  • 4x 75 minute virtual video calls via Zoom
  • 21 day self-guided ritual - to activate and integrate a profound soul-level healing
  • Before and after thoughts forms to deepen our communication process between sessions
  • Self guided mini e-course to enhance your understanding of your healing & transformation
  • Call recordings - so you can listen back to ‘aha!’ moments
  • Email or Voxer support sprinkled with psychic guidance during the program and for one month after as well.

You've got this! And the Universe has your back! 


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