For Holistic Entrepreneurs & Network Marketers

To become the sovereign of your own life and business (the one who is financially independent and clearly worth her weight in gold), you need to first release the pressure & expectation to be building your empire in any way, but yours!

It must be sustainable, and therefore soul-aligned if you wish to build it to last!

But until you attune yourself to your Soul's natural vibe, you'll find yourself in a state of perpetual vibrational dissonance - in the form of energetic shit storms and/or hindered growth.

That's the reason why I curated this Aura Auditing Guidebook for you - I believe it's just the remedy you're after!


Fucking Let Go

Seriously - release the past and the things that are no longer working.

You'll find yourself in the middle of energetic shit storms & dissonance if you refuse to let go of the metaphysical clutter and karmic patterns that are stuck in your auric field and holding you back from reigning supreme over your own empire.

The Remedy

Your life & biz is evolving at an astronomical rate and sometimes you just want to hop of the bus so you can take time to deal with the symptoms of ascension & dissonance.

The remedy is one that only you can create and implement. However, Attune will help you to identify which aspects of life need restorative care.

Take Up The Reins

If you're stuck in limbo between realities (even after all the healing and inner work you've done), it's likely that you're either taking action in misaligned ways...or...not taking any action at all!

Claim the life that is waiting for you right around the corner, by ensuring that your action plan is Soul-Aligned!

Your Guide

Vicki Reisima is a metaphysical practitioner and psychic business mentor who is known for her teachings in Vibeology. She believes that as a conscious being, vibrational alignment and Higher Self attunement is key to being able to tap into the infinite Source of vital force energy and therefore be a powerful generator and channel for sustainable health & wealth.


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